About Us


We aim at offering tailor-made financial products. In addition we offer a cohesive package of innovative banking, investment and insurance products that is tailored to the requirements of today and tomorrow. Here we focus mainly on the Surinamese market. Under the foreign payments are covered also transfers (remittances) in favor of families in Suriname.


Our vision is to support the society in its economic endeavor by responding optimally to their need for banking products and thereby provide personal support for the best possible choice among available alternatives.


Our policy is focused on a prudent but innovative targeted growth, which fits best to the market conditions and fits closely to the needs of the market. This ensures that the market share of the bank will increase steadily.

Core Values

Our core values to achieve the strategic goals are as follows:

  • -          Flexibility: The continuity of our business operations depends on our capacity to quickly respond to developments in society.
  • -          Team spirit: The provision of financial services remains work of man and cooperation is required. Involvement as well as personal contact and appreciation for results are critical success factors.
  • -          Integrity: A permanent sense of responsibility for our conduct and accountability to that effect.
  • -          Transparency: This is essential for a good communication, honesty and trust.